We now offer Plaque Assays in different formats: Virus Titer Determination, Plaque Reduction Assay, and Inhibitory Effect of Antiviral Drugs.

We can perform the assays for gene therapy purposes using different vectors such as Adenovirus or AAV and also for Oncolytic Virus therapy using viruses such as Herpes Virus (HSV).  We can do animal modeling of the disease, determine viral tropism and titer the viruses in the organ homogenates prepared from mice post-treatments. 

Our Real-time Virology and Oncolytic Virotherapy Platforms

Monitoring the cytopathic effect of antiviral drugs and oncolytic viruses on cultured cells by combining image- and impedance-based readouts.

Through years of experience in virus research, we have developed applications platforms that allow for the testing of oncolytic viruses on various cancer cell lines, the investigation of antiviral drug effects in different settings, and the screening of virusneutralizing antibodies.