The Lab

Morpheus Biolabs was founded in San Diego to provide discovery and pre-clinical development stage, translational studies, drug efficacy, and diagnostic platform services to companies and research institutions in the Life Sciences industry.

Morpheus Biolabs team has a combined 40+ years of experience of medical and biotechnology research with emphasis in immunology, autoimmunity, inflammation, microbiology, infection, microbiome, immunotherapy, immuno-oncology, metabolic diseases, and other related therapeutic researches.

We share the same passion for research as you, therefore we are committed to being a key partner in helping our clients to achieve their research and business goals.

Our mission is to promote an increase in your research capabilities and to add value to your company. We understand your research & developmental needs and will prove that to you through our thorough due diligence process. This enables us to deliver strategical expert advice, which would shorten your discovery and development time. This in turn would allow you to focus on other developmental areas.

We take our clients’ confidentiality concerns very seriously and hence we will keep your intellectual property, technology specifics, and progress or challenges met during your discovery/development phases, safe. Our team has created a set of procedures and ideal approaches that allow us to keep our promises.