Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry for discovery stage, and pre-clinical development, translational

studies, and drug efficacy and diagnostic platform. Some of the applications we have

routinely used with this technology are listed below (read more)

1 Single cell phenotyping and enumeration

2 Cell viability and cytotoxicity

3 Cell activation, proliferation and differentiation

4 Cell cycle analysis

5 Cell signaling pathway analysis

6 Single cell based intracellular cytokine/chemokine staining

7 Dosage and toxicity assays for screening

8 Degranulation and phosphorylation by Phosflow

9 Characterization of humoral and cellular immune responses

Flow cytometry becomes a tremendously powerful platform for monitoring cell analysis and immune function in pre-clinical and clinical settings. It has a wild application field ranging from diagnosis to vaccine development and therapeutics to biomarker detection and protein engineering. Although commercial kits for specific flow assays have been developed, these studies still involves challenges that necessitate special skills, solutions with expertise. Most of the time, these assays need to be customized, standardized and validated for your specific purposes. A customized strategy which includes the design of a specific multi-color flow panels including all relevant controls needs to be set up to check the status and function mechanism of different cell populations.