Our Approach for your Pre-Clinical Experimental Needs

After you send us an email briefly describing the study, we take our time to design the most efficient, practical, and cost effective way to approach the research proposal.

After the framework for your research study is established, we will sit down with you to answer your hypothesis related questions, discuss alternatives methods, and find out ways to bring your project to the next level.

Following this first meeting we will come up with your ideal timeline and budget plan. Once we have come to an accord, both parties will sign the proposal agreement and cost estimate.

We arrange for the material transfer, organize the logistics, order your animals for your in vivo studies through our partner, Explora BioLabs, and start the process of validating the experimental protocols.

We believe in good faith, honesty, and taking a positive approach for each experiment.  We also believe a good service comes from the combination of our good fit together, transparency of our work, scientific accuracy, and the reproducibility of each experiment.