Animal Models And It’s Screening Platforms

Infection: Customizable Immunized Mouse Models and its Screening Platforms

Helping to advance COVID-19 vaccines & therapeutics and adjuvants

Immunized mouse model with Spike1 for long and short-term projects along with its screening platforms such as ELIPSPOT (Th1 and Th2, B-cell responses), ELISA (IgG, IgM) and Neutralizing Abs, Cytokine and Chemokine analysis with MCYTMG-70K-PX32, In-vivo imaging for biodistribution, and  time-course Fluorescent microscopy imaging.



 -Gene Therapy Applications
-Drug Screening for Sepsis
-Testing Therapeutic Agents for
– Inflammatory and Immunological
– Diseases

Testing platforms:

-Characterization of the Cellular Profile by Recruited Granulocytes
-Biomarker Level Detection in the Lung and BAL


-Non-invasive Pulmonary inflammation and Acute Lung Injury using a Mesh-Nebulizer System.
-Bacterial Lung Infection