April 2020

A safe solution amid the COVID-19 crisis: we are providing secluded, individual laboratory spaces for your use.

There isn’t a better time than now for scientists and businesses to start an extensive combined effort from different fields and laboratories. The scope of  the changes we are experiencing is huge, and we should start adapting to new norms by changing our infrastructure.

It seems that the dire situation we are facing right now will go on for a while, but how long can you afford to put a halt to advancing scientific discoveries in alignment to social distancing guidelines? There are some projects that must proceed without compromising health and safety.

Therefore, Morpheus Biolabs came up with a solution. 

Morpheus Biolabs is putting its CRO-hat aside and starting concierge-lab services to help the scientific community. We are offering secluded, individual laboratory facilities and services (see below pictures). We have 5 lab rooms in total, and more rooms will be available within a week or two. You can reserve a room(s) and use it on a per weekly basis. Each room is equipped with its own biosafety cabinets, incubators, refrigerators and storage space…etc. Parking spaces are also available right in front of the lab. You walk through the door, put on your gown, gloves, and mask, then head straight into the lab room reserved only for your own use. Contact is minimized— entry to the lab requires no elevators, no shared benches provided, and the lab rooms are for one person only. You can start your experiments finding everything you need in the same room. We have everything you need.

For more information, please contact us via the email info@morpheusbiolabs.com

March 2020

First of its kind conference in San Diego: CRO Days

Hopefully the situation with COVID-19 will soon be over, but also it serves as a true reminder that we live in a world where human beings are all connected to one another and an era where there is a much greater need to address problems with the use of scientific knowledge. Therefore, forming a coalition as a scientific community to combine our voices will make this much more achievable. Science has and always will have the power to provide the right answers. 

That being said, please mark in your calendar these two days: June 4-5th for the CRO Days event in San Diego.  It is a first of its kind conference in San Diego dedicated to promoting discussion and growth among CROs and advancing CRO collaboration with pharmaceutical/biotech companies, as well as small to midsize research and discovery organizations. Please check the website www.sdcrodays.com for more information. 

January 2020

Exciting news for the new year

In the year of 2019, apart from continuing our efforts in providing high quality services, we have also developed several new platforms and service areas. We took the routine cell cultures, animal work and other repetitive analysis from being a burden for established companies so that they could focus on their next step. We helped the startups increase the speed and efficiency, as well as reduce the costs of their projects to achieve a secure and continuous growth. Meanwhile, we never stopped providing experience and advance specialization to our new and long-time customers with automation and the utilization of state-of-the-art instruments.

October 2019

Seeking collaborators to purchase state-of-the-art instrument the LC-MS

As a science-oriented biotech startup, it has always been one of Morpheus Biolabs’ ultimate objectives to connect and coordinate with like-minded individuals/companies to witness and be a part of the growth of scientific knowledge. This objective can be more achievable with the addition of state-of-the-art instrumentation on daily-basis operations. A key, unique instrument that will facilitate the integration of bioscience, biotechnology and bioengineering is the LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry), which is renowned for its ability to test and identify all compounds as well as to measure at exquisite precision. In various areasdrug discovery, therapeutic monitoring and toxicology, biomedical applications, cosmetics, agriculture, to name a few, there exists an increasing demand for such an instrument. Since it is extremely costly, many companies choose to outsource the access to this specific instrument in order to conduct major scientific experiments requiring high-sensitivity and specificity. Due to limited availability and right of access to this instrument, companies usually pay relatively higher prices for its services and are subject to a longer waiting time, especially if it is needed for constant usage. Therefore, our project plan involves purchasing the LC-MS in a collaborative effort. We are planning to find two more collaborators, in which each collaborator will have equally shared access to the instrument with lower shared maintenance costs. 

With your participation, we hope to work towards the common goal of extending our contributions to the scientific community in San Diego area. For further details, please feel free to reach us at alexkilinc@morpheusbiolabs.com

September 2019

New Lab Manager Position Available

It has been our utmost pleasure working with our lab manager Allison Kearney, who is going to leave the position in pursuit of her career in veterinary medicine (after having earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Cell Biology and Chemistry in 2017). She has our highest recommendation. We value dedication, sense of responsibility, high work ethics and a passion to learn. While we offer our best wishes to her journey of success, we are also looking for an individual who possesses the same strengths to fill her position. During her time at Morpheus Biolabs, her duties included in vitro techniques, such as cell-culture, DNA/RNA/protein isolations, performance of a variety of assays and tests including ELISA, qRT-PCR, and Flow Cytometry. Moreover, she conducted various studies for diagnostic, prognostic, and structural characterizations purposes. Working with Allison, we were impressed by her superior technical and analytical skills as well as her ability for critical thinking. After almost a year, she started to design experiments on her own and would pay attention to every little detail to achieve the best results. We are gladly open to future applications for those who have the aforementioned qualities and believe themselves to be a good fit to the company. If you are interested in this position, please send an email to info@morpheusbiolabs.com.

April 2019

French BioBeach Monthly Breakfast Networking Event

On April 5th, 2019, Morpheus Biolabs had the pleasure to host the monthly French BioBeach breakfast networking event. The breakfast took place at Morpheus Biolabs, where members of French BioBeach gathered to enjoy a lovely breakfast while taking the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with other individuals in the life sciences and biotech industry across San Diego. During the event, Dr. Alex Okyay Kilinc, the CEO of Morpheus Biolabs, also gave a brief presentation highlighting the key points that define the company and its mission.

In the booming biotech industry, there is a massive amount of information available for our acquisition. Especially in the areas of instrumentation, experimentation techniques and existing research tools, these knowledge and technological advances are evolving rapidly. Under these circumstances, being able to target the right information in a specialized area is crucial for companies in executing their project plans and enhancing their technical capabilities. This brings us to our mission as a CRO, which is, instead of providing the general concepts behind a project, we take care of the technical challenges and strategic planning. We tailor our services based on your unique experimental needs in a cost-effective way and with personalized connections. Ultimately, our aim is to transform your ideas into reality with the optimal skill sets and experimentation to speed up your discovery period.

Morpheus Biolabs’ First Cocktail Event

On February 2nd in 2019, a mini cocktail event was held at the lab space of Morpheus Biolabs. During the event, CEO Alex Okyay Killinc delivered a talk on his own experiences in the biotech industry, as well as the company’s objectives in the scientific community, to the current and potential collaborators present. Moreover, four integral collaborators of Morpheus Biolabs were awarded for their contribution in helping the company grow. The event ended on a successful note and facilitated exchanges of knowledge and connections among individuals in the San Diego area biotech industry.

January 2019

Morpheus Career Development Program

Company internships could be great opportunities for students in enriching their knowledge and skills as well as in guiding them towards finding a career path best fit for them. Therefore, to support these students, we would like to launch an internship program in 2019, in which all-level university students can visit our lab and participate in research on a regular basis.

We are a company that strives to integrate bioscience, biotechnology and bioengineering, and one that aspires to contribute and witness the growth of science. Most importantly, one of our objectives is to give back to the community. In this case, we hope to create a space where students who hold a passion are able to acquire new techniques while furthering their learning in this particular area of interest, as well as sharing their enthusiasm with one another.

Please let us know if you are interested in any possible way and become a new addition to our internship program.