January 2019

Morpheus Career Development Program

Company internships could be great opportunities for students in enriching their knowledge and skills as well as in guiding them towards finding a career path best fit for them. Therefore, to support these students, we would like to launch an internship program in 2019, in which all-level university students can visit our lab and participate in research on a regular basis.

We are a company that strives to integrate bioscience, biotechnology and bioengineering, and one that aspires to contribute and witness the growth of science. Most importantly, one of our objectives is to give back to the community. In this case, we hope to create a space where students who hold a passion are able to acquire new techniques while furthering their learning in this particular area of interest, as well as sharing their enthusiasm with one another.

Please let us know if you are interested in any possible way and become a new addition to our internship program.

Thank you.


The Morpheus Team

September 2018

Discovery Bridge

Have you ever found yourself with a new project idea, but lack the resources, experience, or the budget, to conduct the necessary preclinical studies all by yourself? Discovery Bridge, a program introduced by Morpheus Biolabs, provides you an opportunity to experiment, and hopefully realize, these ideas of yours.

Morpheus Biolabs is a CRO founded in San Diego that provides platform-based services to pharmaceutical companies, biotech, CRO partners, and small to midsize research and discovery organizations to assist their experimental approaches in discovery and preclinical translational settings.

Our area of expertise is broad, which encompasses immunology, infection, inflammation, microbiome, immunotherapy, immuno-oncology, and metabolic diseases. With access to our own animal room and numerous instruments, we can provide both in-vivo and in-vitro studies.

A primary goal that Morpheus Biolabs strives to achieve is to facilitate collaboration in the scientific community, as furthering scientific development entails forming a network where knowledge and experience are effectively exchanged. Therefore, we are proposing an offer that brings us closer to the goal:

We are offering to run preclinical studies and formulate study designs on an idea/project you wish to perform, where we take care of the labor, experience, and equipment. For established, large-scale companies, there may be a side project you want tested, while your priority is to focus on your primary goals. In this case, our optimized platform will enable you to determine whether your side project is worth pursuing or not. For smaller-scale startups, there may be a hypothesis you would like to assess in order to rapidly convince your investors. Here, our experience and your hypothesis combined could generate the preliminary data that you need. Furthermore, for research and academic institutions who are looking to cut down the cost in their preclinical process, our services could allow your experience to be significantly more cost-effective, followed by many other advantages. Or, individual scientists can turn their innovative ideas into reality with the appropriate resources we offer.

Our scientific committee will make its selections of six projects in January 2019. The chosen idea/project is bestowed with the opportunity to employ our services by cost-sharing.

Starting from March 2019, we will be performing one of the six projects every other two months, and in two months’ time, we will present to you your preliminary data. For us to make the assessment, all you have to do is provide an oral presentation of your idea/project.

If you are satisfied with the results we bring you, in exchange, we are seeking to become the primary CRO for this specific project, in which details will be further discussed. A confidentiality agreement will be made before any proceeding

Effective collaboration and a supporting network is what compels science to reach its best capacity. We hope that this program promotes exchanges that can be of contribution to the scientific community in San Diego.

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