Hello, this is Morpheus Biolabs and this is our first blog post!

Allison: I’m not exactly sure what we want to talk about on the blog after the “Hello” part.

Alex: How about talking about our experiences as a service company?

Allison: Or sharing information about the projects and experiments we have been working on

Alex: Nope, We can’t do that. They are all confidential.

Allison: But what about any information in general??

Alex: We can only talk about Morpheus Biolab’s-experimental platforms and assay systems, which we have developed. We can’t say a single word about the projects and definitely specific experiments are out of question….

Allison: Got it!…So then what do you want me to write about?

Alex: I really don’t know. This is my first blog experience. I am hoping we could learn how to write it along the way.

Allison: I think the first post should just be a “hello” and an explanation of what we are planning on posting on it so that whoever comes across this can get a clear picture of what we are putting on here.

Alex: And then following the first it will be all about the science… Never ending love of science…We can actually write books after books about it….So I will think of something.

Allison: Haha, ok, so you’re sure you want to make a blog?

Alex: Yes, according to our business coordinator it could really help us. On a second though why don’t you post this little conversation between us?

Allison:  What do you mean?

Alex: Why don’t you write down what we exactly talked with each other right now?

Allison:  Hmm, that could be a good idea…

Alex: Exactly, why not…We post this as our first blog and say this is how everything started. We couldn’t be more sincere and cordial than this moment.

Allison: Okay, I’m on board! I’ll write it!

Alex: Great… So let’s start our blogging with this conversation. Good??

Allison: All is good…….In our next blog, we will talk about the Lab performance